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- May 27, 2020-

The maintenance of the electric fan motor does not turn!

The main reasons for motor non-rotation are: Winding Open, lack of oil holding shaft, abnormal capacitance and so on. According to the maintenance practice of electric fan, the latter two kinds of faults are in the majority. For non-rotating electric fans, my repair step is to test the plug, rotating motor, measuring capacitance, re-processing. The first step is to measure the operation of the electric fan and the speed regulation winding.

First, the electric fan timer rotation, when you hear a click sound, that the timer is normal. If there's no ticking, the timer's broken. If there is no resistance value, may be the motor winding burn-out circuit. On the string has a hot fuse motor, may be a hot fuse open circuit, should also take a look at the motor, if only open circuit, short hot fuse can be restored to normal. The gear switches are all damaged, but it is unlikely.

The second step, check whether to hold the shaft, open the fan cover, hand rotating motor shaft, if not, that motor holding shaft serious. To remove the motor, first remove the front and rear bushings and motor shaft oil, rust, and then in the front and rear bushings on the linoleum sewing machine oil, most electric fans can solve the problem.

The third step is to measure the starting capacitance. If the motor shaft rotates flexibly, the starting capacitance of the electric fan motor should be measured. First, using the multimeter R 100, measure the resistance values of the starting capacitance at both ends of the motor and the entire fan motor running, starting and speed regulating windings, that is, the resistance values of the black and yellow leads.


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