Buy Induction Motors

- Nov 24, 2020-

When we buy an induction motor, we also come into contact with electrostatic induction motor, so the most basic principle of electrostatic induction motor is actually known as friction electricity generation.Induction motor is used to generate electrostatic high voltage in electrostatic experiments. It is used in combination with other instruments for conducting experiments on charge distribution on conductor surface, electrostatic field power lines, tip discharge and discharge of vacuum tubes (some Geissler tubes or Crookes tubes).Electrostatic experiments can also be carried out independently, such as electrostatic induction, spark discharge, tip discharge and the change of capacitance of point container (pointing to the Leyden bottle on the motor).In addition, the induction motor speed could not reach the speed of the stator rotating magnetic field, because if you achieve synchronous speed, there is no relative movement between the rotor and the rotating magnetic field, in the rotor conductor cannot induction electromotive force and current, also can't produce drive rotor rotating electromagnetic force, the general case of induction motor speed is always lower than the synchronous speed, namely there are always some differences between two kinds of speed, so the induction motor is also known as asynchronous motor.


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