Buy Motor Fan

- Mar 05, 2021-

Buy motor fans, you can choose low-noise fans. Motors are widely used in household appliances, office equipment, electronic machines, smart kitchens and bathrooms, automobiles and auto parts, medical equipment, industrial equipment, and have the ability to withstand high temperatures. It can work normally for a long time, and has the functions of cooling and heat dissipation, ventilation and ventilation. It is especially suitable for dry-type transformers, photocopiers, projectors, computers, refrigeration and display cabinets, air-conditioning fans (air conditioning fans, building fans, tower fans), heating Fans, air cleaners, clothes dryers, electric fireplaces, air curtains, built-in ovens, advertising displays, elevator control cabinets, constant temperature and drying machinery, etc., suitable for different environments such as rooms, public places, vehicles, heating and cooling rooms, etc., according to customers Customized for different needs. If you need to process and customize, please contact us and provide the required motor size and the required specifications and technical parameters. Customers can customize production specifications:

1. Working voltage, power, wind speed, rotational speed;

2. Wire length and color;

3. The diameter, length and color of the impeller;

4. The location and size of the mounting hole.

5. Load speed: 800-2200RPM;

6. Insulation class A, B, E, F, H


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