Buy Power Motor

- Aug 14, 2020-

buy power motor can be customized according to demand, price concessions, quality assurance.Then the power of the motor generally refers to its rated power, that is, the maximum power that can run normally for a long time under the rated voltage, and also refers to the mechanical power at the output end of the motor when it runs under the rated condition specified by the manufacturer, and the unit is generally kW (kW). 

If it is idling, its power is much less than its rated power.If overload operation, the power in a short time will exceed its rated power, but not long-term operation, otherwise it will burn out.If it gets stuck, it will greatly exceed its rated power and burn down the motor in a short time.

So what is frequency conversion resolution?What's the point?For digital controlled frequency converters, the output frequency is given even if the frequency instruction is analog signal.The smallest unit of this difference is called the frequency conversion resolution. 

The frequency conversion resolution is usually 0.015~0.5Hz. For example, if the resolution is 0.5Hz, the upper 23Hz can be changed to 23.5 and 24.0Hz, so the motor action is also graded.This poses problems for USES such as continuous coiling control.In this case, if the resolution is about 0.015Hz, it can also be fully adapted to the 4-level motor with a difference of less than 1r/min.In addition, the given resolution of some models is not the same as the output resolution.


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