Can 110 KW China Fan Motor 110v Be Started Directly? Why?

- Mar 24, 2020-

Can 110 kW China Fan Motor 110v be started directly? Why?

May not. The impact of direct start-up power grid is too large, and the mechanical impact is too large. Generally, those above 15kw need to be started with step-down; those with more power, such as 30kW, usually use "soft start" or "variable frequency start".

Soft start: soft start is to realize smooth start of motor and mechanical load by means of voltage reduction, compensation or frequency conversion, reduce the influence of starting current on the power grid, and protect the power grid and mechanical system. The voltage is slowly raised from zero to the rated voltage, so that the starting current of the motor in the starting process is changed from uncontrollable overload impulse current to controllable. And the starting current can be adjusted as needed. There is no impact torque in the whole process of motor start-up, but smooth start-up operation. This is soft start.


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