Can The Motor Help The Quality And Quantity Of New Energy Vehicles In Parallel?

- Oct 18, 2018-

At the 14th Beijing International Automobile Exhibition held recently, the number of new energy vehicles reached 147, accounting for 12% of the total participating vehicles, setting a new record. Not only that, but most car companies have placed new energy vehicles that are already mass-produced or about to be mass-produced in prominent positions such as the center of the stage.

At this Beijing International Auto Show, the first electric car exhibited by Internet company LeTV also made eyeballs. Although it is only a prototype, its technical performance has deeply impressed the audience at home and abroad. According to incomplete statistics, in addition to LeTV, Gree, Alibaba, Foxconn, Western Resources and many other non-automobile companies have also announced their entry into the field of new energy vehicles. For a time, a wave of cross-border new energy vehicles has emerged in China.

It is not difficult to see from the situation of this year's auto show that the enthusiasm of car companies to develop new energy vehicles is gradually increasing, and they have begun to pay seriously attention to the development of new energy vehicles. In this way, the sales of new energy vehicles in 2016 will exceed 700,000 units, which is not difficult to achieve by doubling the target in 2015.

The outbreak of new energy vehicles has undoubtedly brought a huge market for enterprises in the industrial chain. At the same time, the quality breakthroughs faced by new energy vehicles also require supply chain enterprises to innovate in technology. As the core component of electric vehicles, high-performance motors must meet the development characteristics of new energy vehicles such as high efficiency, energy saving, light weight, miniaturization and high reliability. It is necessary to improve the load requirements and technical performance.

At the 2016 Micromotor (Shenzhen) Drive and Control Technology Symposium to be held in Shenzhen on June 24th, the organizers will invite a number of international motor drive and control solutions providers to participate in presentations and exchanges to help micromotors. Enterprises master the most cutting-edge technology and information, and timely improve their technology to meet the needs of the new energy vehicle market.

At the same time, the conference will analyze and discuss the problems encountered in motor hotspot technology, motor drive, control design and application technology, and bring you the latest and most representative technical solutions.

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