Canton Fair's Mechanical And Electrical Products Turnover Reached US$14.1 Billion, Up 2.13% Year-on-year

- Nov 09, 2018-

Canton Fair's mechanical and electrical products turnover reached US$14.1 billion, up 2.13% year-on-year

The first phase of the 119th Canton Fair came to an end on April 19. According to data from the Canton Fair, as of April 18, there were 93,828 buyers, which was 1,109 more than the 92,719 people in the Canton Fair (117th session) in the same period of last year, a slight increase of 1.2% year-on-year, an increase of 5.4% over the same period of the 118th year. This has broken the situation that the number of purchasing merchants has decreased year by year.

In terms of regions, there were 55,600 in Asia, 12,600 in Europe, 13,300 in the Americas, 0.29 million in Oceania, and 0.94 million in Africa. Among them, American buyers increased by 8.8% year-on-year, while Asia, Europe and Africa decreased slightly.

In terms of the transaction, as of April 18, the turnover of mechanical and electrical products was 14.1 billion US dollars, and the turnover increased by 2.13 percentage points over the 118th session. According to the calculation of the Electrical and Mechanical Chamber of Commerce, the export prosperity index of the 119th Canton Fair's mechanical and electrical products is 50.1, which is higher than the 50-point benchmark and 0.6 percentage points higher than the 118th Autumn Fair (49.5), but lower than the 117th Canton Fair (52.3). )Level. The Chamber of Commerce believes that the current foreign trade situation has stabilized and confidence has increased, but growth is still facing greater pressure.

According to the data of Minmetals Chamber of Commerce, as of April 17, the cumulative turnover of Minmetals chemical products was 1.87 billion US dollars, which was 9.9% higher than that of the 118th Canton Fair (hereinafter referred to as the chain ratio), an increase of 1.1 percentage points from the previous month; the order volume increased by 10.95. %. The Minmetals chemical industry showed signs of slow recovery.

The buyers and turnovers of the meeting are the two major indicators for measuring the warm and cold of the Canton Fair. The Canton Fair, which is held twice a year, is hailed as the "barometer" and "wind vane" of China's foreign trade. The first exhibition was the “main event” of the Canton Fair. The theme of the exhibition included electronics, home appliances, vehicles, building materials and chemical products. According to the past situation, the turnover of the first phase and the number of purchasers accounted for more than half of the current Canton Fair, which has a strong predictive value.

In recent years, with the slowdown of the world economy, the weakening of external demand, and the rising cost of exports, the Canton Fair is also facing the impact of increased competition in the exhibition industry and cross-border e-commerce. At the press conference of the Canton Fair held on April 14, Xu Bing, a spokesperson and deputy director of the China Foreign Trade Center, said that despite the downward pressure on foreign trade, the fundamentals of foreign trade development have not changed, "One Belt and One Road", innovation-driven development, Strategies such as the FTA have all contributed to the participation of buyers.

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