Capital Operation Controls Core Technology

- Dec 11, 2018-

Capital operation controls core technology

The wholly-owned acquisition of the Dutch e-Traction company has taken off the “Pearl” of the new energy distributed drive, thus controlling the subversive core technology to have an absolute competitive advantage. Tate has the ability to do it in China and around the world. Outstanding, this is where Lu Chao is.

Founded in 1981, e-Traction is the largest manufacturer of new energy automotive hub motors in Europe. It is also a pioneer in direct drive hub motor solutions for medium and heavy commercial vehicles, with superior R&D and system integration capabilities. Since 1990, the company has harvested more than 200 invention patents, and has six key core technologies, such as hub motor body design, distributed control system, motor controller and bridge assembly, to build multiple application platforms and enjoy “global”. The reputation of the wheel motor technology leader.

The third-generation hub motor technology developed by the company not only successfully solved the two problems of heat dissipation and sealing, but also served as an energy-efficient, low-emission or even zero-emission transportation solution. It has been in 8 countries in Europe as early as 8 years ago. It is used in batches in buses and trucks in 12 cities and is now being used in driverless trucks. Its actual operation effect and perfect technology maturity have been highly recognized by users.

With e-Traction's leading core technology and high-energy innovation team, the acquisition of less than one and a half years, Tate Electromechanical completed the product technical design, prototype development and trial production based on the original European V0.3 product. Design prototype development and prototype of the prototype and vehicle test verification, developed a "newer technology, better performance, more applicable vehicle range, more cost-competitive" V1.1 new generation of hub motor drive axle system The assembly can fully meet the needs of new energy buses, new energy commercial trucks, new energy airport shuttle buses, and new energy special vehicles.

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