Carbon Brush In The DC Motor In The Main Role

- Jul 06, 2017-

Our company is specialized in providing DC motor, permanent magnet DC motor, 24-volt DC motor and other products manufacturer, today Xiaobian to give you the introduction of my company's flagship product in the DC motor in the main role of the relevant information , Together to find out about it:

1. Change the current direction (in the commutator motor, the carbon brush also plays a commutation role).

2. The static charge on the large axis is introduced into the earth (grounding carbon brush) (output current) through the carbon brush.

3. The large shaft (ground) to the protection device for the rotor ground protection and measuring the rotor positive and negative ground voltage.

4. Apply the external current (excitation current) to the rotating rotor (input current) through the carbon brush.

Due to the rotation of the rotor, the carbon brush always rubs against the commutator ring, and the spark is also generated at the moment of commutation, so the brush is a consumable part of the DC motor. In order to improve the life of the DC motor, operating stability and reduce the DC motor noise and electromagnetic interference, brushless DC motor has gradually replaced the trend of brush motor. General AC motor without constant magnetic field, so do not need commutator, it does not need carbon brush; but the AC motor size is generally larger. Household electrical appliances used in the motor are generally AC motors, such as fans, washing machines, refrigerators, air conditioning and so there is no carbon brush, but there are also using DC motor, such as many electric shavers, kitchen small appliances, electric bicycles and so have carbon Brush, that is, DC motor (not including brushless) have. The motors that use the dry batteries are DC motors.

The above is today's news and information, and we have strong technical force and advanced production equipment, to produce reliable quality products and preferential prices, by the majority of customers of choice, choose my company's products will be your good choice The If you have this intention, please contact us quickly!

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