Causes That Customized 6v Dc Motor Bearings Are Too Tight

- Jul 15, 2019-

Causes that Customized 6v dc motor bearings are too tight

The bearing of DC motor can't be too tight. It is a common problem. If the bearing is too tight, it will definitely affect the speed. It will affect the whole DC motor. What causes the DC motor bearing to be too tight? Shenzhen Longhui Motor is based on Years of experience in the motor to summarize:

The operator is afraid of the vehicle waste end cover bearing chamber, and the DC motor should be repaired with appropriate tolerances for the outer ring and the end cover. Emphasis is placed on the lower limit of the tolerance range, and the vehicle is not allowed to reach the upper limit. This makes the diameter of the bearing chamber smaller and increases the interference with the outer ring of the bearing;

In addition, the repair worker has insufficient understanding of the maximum interference of the appropriate tolerance to reduce the noise of the DC motor bearing. For example, when the DC motor bearing is removed, the bearing outer ring and the end cover are very well disassembled, and the bearing is mistaken. If the bearing is too loose, the bearing "jumps the hole and then punches the copper, punches the eye, even replaces the end cap, or replaces the bearing and enlarges the diameter of the outer ring to solve this problem. The most common method is to expand the end cap bearing chamber. Then the sleeve is set so that the bearing and the end cap bearing chamber are closely matched, and the result is an increase in the noise of the DC motor after repairing the bearing, and the bearing is heated. The bearing is heated, the grease is extruded, and the bearing runway (bearing) The working face) is partially free of lubricating oil, and the bearing is faulty due to overheating.


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