Cheap Asynchronous Motor

- Aug 10, 2020-

There are several types of cheap  asynchronous motors, such as three-phase asynchronous motors, which are recommended.Phase asynchronous motor work function is good, and can save all kinds of data.According to the different rotor structure, three - phase asynchronous motor can be divided into cage type and winding type.Cage rotor asynchronous electric arrangement to make a brief, reliable operation, light weight, low price, has been widely used, its first defect is difficult to speed.The rotor and stator of the wire-wound three-phase asynchronous motor are also set with the three-phase windings and connected with the external rheostat through the slip ring and brush.Scheduling rheostat resistors can improve the starting function and speed of the motor.Six classification methods for three-phase asynchronous motors:

1. According to the rotor structure of three-phase asynchronous motor

2. According to the protection type of three-phase asynchronous motor

Enclosed (IP44) : suitable for wet, dusty, easy to be corroded by wind and rain, corrosive gas and other harsh operating environment, the most widely used.

3, according to the three-phase asynchronous motor ventilation cooling method

It is divided into self-cooled three-phase asynchronous motor, self-fan-cooled three-phase asynchronous motor, other fan-cooled three-phase asynchronous motor, and duct ventilated three-phase asynchronous motor.

4. According to the equipment construction method of three-phase asynchronous motor

It can be divided into horizontal three-phase induction motor, vertical three-phase induction motor, three-phase induction motor with foot and three-phase induction motor with flange.

5, according to the three-phase asynchronous motor insulation grade

It can be divided into E, B, F and H three-phase asynchronous motors.

6, according to the operating quota

Can be divided into continuous three - phase asynchronous motor, intermittent three - phase asynchronous motor, intermittent three - phase asynchronous motor.


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