Cheap Cooling Fan Motor

- May 29, 2020-

Motor Cooling Fan failure, knowledge introduction.

Power transformer is the main equipment in power plants and substations. The large capacity power transformer can not meet the requirement by Natural Air Cooling, most of the large and medium-sized power transformers in the north area are cooled by natural oil circulation blowing. In actual operation, the damage of the cooling fan motor of the power transformer is caused by various reasons, the following small series to introduce the Motor Cooling Fan fault knowledge.

Transformer fan motor common fault 30%-40% is the motor bearing damage. There are two forms of bearing damage, one is the bearing holding up, motor rotor can not rotate, which will lead to the motor due to blocking caused by three-phase short-circuit motor or damage control system. The other is the bearing wear, clearance increase caused by motor rotor and stator friction sweep chamber, stator temperature increase winding insulation aging or burn-out. Treatment method: replace the motor bearing in time, should choose the motor special high-speed bearing, accuracy grade is P5.


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