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- Jan 19, 2021-

Home appliances are widely used in homes, offices, hotels and other places with their characteristics of lightness, flexibility and convenience Simplifying the complexity of housework, reducing the intensity of housework, shortening the time of housework, improving the kitchen and household cleaning and hygiene, is a necessity of family life.Therefore, we must have a deeper understanding of them. Only in this way can we make better use of them to serve our life.So choosing a cheap household motor is crucial.

1. The power consumption of a refrigerator mainly depends on the poor internal and external environment of the refrigerator.The greater the temperature difference, the greater the power consumption. In addition, when the door is open, the lamp also consumes electricity;Refrigerators with electronic circuits also use less electricity.But it's usually around 90, 200 watts.

2, air conditioning on behalf of the cooling capacity size, cooling capacity 2500W is a -, refrigeration power - generally in about 800 watts [specific to see the energy efficiency ratio of air conditioning], 1 air conditioning is suitable for the room of about 12 square meters.

3. Microwave oven power is divided into input power and output power. The microwave output power of common household microwave ovens is within the range of 500-900W, and is often made into a specification every 50W, such as 500W, 550W, 600W, 650W, etc.Anything under 600W is going to be eliminated.

5. The heating power of soybean milk machine is about 700-800 watts, and the motor power of BBB0 is about 250 watts. Due to the size and function of specifications and different materials, it has different power.

6.The general power of the toaster is 300,500 watts.

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