Cheap Induction Engine

- Oct 15, 2020-

Motor is a necessity of household appliances in daily life. Our company sells cheap induction engine, which has the advantages of simple structure, firm, small size, light weight, few auxiliary equipment, easy operation and maintenance, etc., also known as "asynchronous generator".

Asynchronous generators can also be connected in parallel with capacitors. They can generate electricity independently by self-excitation of the remanent magnetism (see the figure). In this case, the voltage and frequency of the generator are determined by such factors as capacitance value, prime mover speed and load size.When the load changes, the capacitance in parallel should be adjusted accordingly to maintain voltage stability.As the asynchronous motor parallel capacitor, without the need for external excitation source can be independent generation, so in the load more stable occasions, it is desirable.For example, it can be used as a lighting source or as a backup power source for simple rural power stations.


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