Cheap Schrittmotor

- Nov 27, 2020-

Provide cheap schrittmotor, ensure the quality, with the development of manufacturing, processing, production technology progress, the production equipment is more and more high degree of automation, stepper motor is the key element of electromechanical integration equipment, in all kinds of automation control system and nc machine tools, laser plate maker, engraving machine, printer, plotter, labeling machine, robot control, such as medium has been widely applied in automation equipment, stepper motor control technology research also more and more deep, PLC pulse stepper motor control technology has been rapid development.Stepper motor A stepper motor is a motor that operates according to pulse signals, also known as a pulse motor [1].Under the control of electric pulse signal, the stepper motor rotates corresponding angular displacement or linear displacement.Stepping motor can be divided into :(1) reactive stepping motor (VR) has simple structure, low production cost, small step Angle, high starting and running frequency, and relatively poor dynamic performance.(2) Permanent magnet stepper motor (PM) has large step Angle, low starting and running frequency and high dynamic performance.(3) Hybrid stepping motor (HB for short) has the characteristics of small step Angle, high starting and running frequency, large output and very good dynamic performance. It is the stepping motor with the best performance at this stage.According to the number of phases, there are two - phase stepper motor, three - phase stepper motor and multi - phase stepper motor.Two-phase hybrid stepper motor has fast dynamic response, easy to start and stop, positive and negative rotation and variable speed, high control accuracy, and can still ensure large torque at low speed, so it is the most widely used in industry.


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