Cheap Series Dc Motor Main Pole And Commutating Pole

- Jul 11, 2019-

cheap series dc motor main pole and commutating pole

cheap series dc motor main magnetic pole

The main magnetic pole of a DC motor acts to create an air gap magnetic field. The main magnetic pole is composed of a main magnetic pole core and a field winding.

1. The field winding is wound with insulated copper wire and is placed on the main pole core. The entire main pole is screwed to the base.

2, the core is generally made of 0, 5mm ~ 1, 5mm thick silicon steel plate punching and riveting, divided into two parts of the pole body and the pole piece, the part of the top set of the field winding is called the polar body, the bottom is widened Partly called the pole piece, the pole piece is wider than the pole body, which can adjust the distribution of the magnetic field in the air gap and fix the field winding.

DC motor commutator

The armature of the DC motor is composed of a rotating shaft, an armature core, an armature winding, a commutator and a fan. The commutating pole of the DC motor is used to improve the commutation. It can reduce the reversing spark that can be generated between the brush and the commutator when the motor is running. It is usually installed between two adjacent main poles. The pole core and the commutating pole winding are composed. The commutating pole winding is wound with an insulated wire and is placed on the commutating pole core, and the number of commutating poles is equal to the main magnetic pole.


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