China Accelerates The Cultivation Of Well-known Brands In The Small And Medium Motor Industry

- Nov 23, 2018-

China accelerates the cultivation of well-known brands in the small and medium motor industry

Qu Jiawen: Convergence of quality consensus to pursue excellence

On this “Industry Famous Brand” product list, Shandong Huali Motor Group Co., Ltd. three series of products were successfully selected. Qu Jiawen, the company's young general manager, said in an interview with China Industry News that over the years, Huali Group has always adhered to the enterprise development strategy of “pursuing excellent quality and building a world brand”, and guided the brand quality and actively changed its management philosophy. By persistently grasping management, grasping innovation, and perfecting the quality management system, the brand quality has been steadily improved.

Huali Electric Group was founded in 1970. Qu Jiawen told reporters that Huali Group insisted on strengthening quality awareness and strengthening management and control. The first is the consensus on quality. Adhere to the quality management philosophy of “Building Quality, Pursuing Excellence”, and creating a corporate atmosphere in which everyone cares about quality, everyone values quality, and everyone strengthens quality. The second is to achieve process control in production. The third is to achieve big data analysis. Through the construction of online non-destructive testing system, motor automatic factory inspection system, digital online production motor data analysis system, online data sharing system, etc., the quality level of the manufacturing process is fully quantified and controllable.

In addition, strengthen the capacity building of independent innovation and build core competitiveness. In recent years, Huali Group has successively established provincial-level enterprise technology center, provincial-level rare earth permanent magnet motor engineering technology research center, and built a high-efficiency motor public technology research and development platform and Shandong Province's largest high-efficiency motor test platform and wind turbine test platform. Through years of independent innovation capacity building, it has broken through a number of common and key technologies, and the scientific and technological research and development capabilities, product quality assurance capabilities and advanced equipment technology levels have been greatly improved.

“Electrical products are like 'chaimi oil and salt' in industrial products, and the actual demand is very large.” Qu Jiawen said in an interview with China Industrial News that Huali Group will focus on cultivating new kinetic energy for the development of enterprises, so that new kinetic energy can accelerate into growth as soon as possible. track. Solidly promote the high-speed motor intelligent digital workshop construction project, carry out lean production management in depth, and build a world brand with “quality and enterprise”.

Liu Xuedong: Three major initiatives to create a winning brand

The reporter saw on the list of well-known brand products that Hebei Electric Machinery Co., Ltd. had three types of products successfully selected. Liu Xuedong, the general manager of the company, was interviewed by reporters after being awarded the honorary certificate of “National Small and Medium-sized Motor Industry Famous Brand Products”. He believes that the evaluation of well-known brand products helps companies re-examine the concept of quality and brand building, and greatly promotes the development of enterprises in innovative brands.

Hebei Electric Machinery Co., Ltd. is a key enterprise in the research and development and production of high-efficiency energy-saving motors and professional special motors. It mainly provides export-oriented and supporting products for foreign-invested enterprises in China. It mainly strengthens brand building work from three aspects:

First, fully promote lean production management. Hebei Electric started the lean production management project in 2016, and continuously implanted lean thinking into the thinking and actions of all employees. By establishing a labor authorization mechanism, a top-down and bottom-up two-way feedback mechanism was formed; the production layout was continuously optimized. Standardize the production process and form a lean production model.

The second is to open up intelligent construction. Since 2015, Hebei Electric has increased its investment in equipment renewal and invested more than 20 million yuan to build and put into production of automated production workshops. All of them have introduced advanced production equipment from Germany. They can produce 45 electric motors per day, with an annual output value of 325 million yuan. The production line consisting of this set of equipment realizes that the production process does not fall to the ground, is free from damage, and achieves non-destructive assembly. The first pass rate is increased from 70% to 98%.

Third, product development has shifted to “high efficiency, energy saving, and environmental protection”. Since 2014, Hebei Electric has started independent research and development of new energy vehicle motors. The motor currently used in electric logistics vehicles has passed the national car quality supervision and testing center test and is listed in the national electric vehicle motor production catalog. Its planned plant in Suqian, Jiangsu Province, will reach an annual output of 150,000 electric motor and controllers in 2020, with an estimated production value of 3 billion yuan.

Liu Xuedong also told reporters that Hebei Electric has achieved good results in the research and development of permanent magnet motors and high-speed motors. “Quality and brand have become the symbol of the core competitiveness of the manufacturing industry and the country. We must shift the foothold of promoting development to improve quality and efficiency, and promote the formation of new competitive advantages with technology, brand, quality and service as the core.”

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