China Asynchronous Motor Factory

- Aug 05, 2020-

Large China asynchronous motor factory, asynchronous motor structure is simple, cheap, strong, has the advantages of easy manufacture, use and repair, and has high efficiency and close to constant speed load characteristics, can meet the majority of industrial and agricultural production machinery requirements.Therefore, asynchronous motor is the most productive and widely used motor among all kinds of motors.

But synchronous motor is also a kind of AC rotating motor, because its rotation speed and three-phase synchronous rotation speed is constant, so named.The three-phase synchronous motor is mainly used as generator motor, but also as motor and adjusting camera.In modern power industry, no matter thermal power generation, hydropower generation, nuclear power generation, almost all use three-phase synchronous motor.

The following is the difference between AC motor and synchronous motor summarized by our factory:

First, different structure: synchronous motor rotor windings, carbon brush to the rotor power supply, ac motor rotor windings, carbon brush is not.

Second, the principle is different: synchronous and asynchronous refers to the motor speed and power frequency relationship.The rotation speed of the synchronous motor is synchronized with the frequency of the alternating current of the power supply.The speed of the AC motor is out of sync with the frequency of the ac power supply.

Third, applications are different: in applications, synchronous motors are also expensive when required to rotate at strict speeds.Ac motors, on the other hand, are generally cheap.

Classification of asynchronous motors:

According to the rotor structure of three-phase asynchronous motor, it can be divided into cage type motor and wound type motor.

Protection types of three-phase asynchronous motor: open type (IP11) three-phase asynchronous motor, protective type (IP22 and IP23) three-phase asynchronous motor, closed type (IP44) three-phase asynchronous motor, explosion-proof type three-phase asynchronous motor.


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