China Becomes The World's Largest PV Market

- Oct 19, 2018-

China becomes the world's largest PV market

On the 7th, the "Global New Energy Development Report 2014" (hereinafter referred to as "Report") was officially released at the National Convention Center. The report was completed by a research team composed of Hanergy Holding Group and Quanlian New Energy Chamber of Commerce. The report shows that global photovoltaics The market has gradually shifted from Asia to Europe, and China has surpassed Germany to become the world's largest PV market for the first time.

According to the report data, the new installed capacity of the global PV market reached 38.7GW in 2013, and the cumulative installed capacity reached 140.6GW, of which China's new installed capacity was 12GW, an increase of 232% year-on-year, close to the total installed capacity in Europe in 2013. At the same time, China's PV financing amount last year was 23.56 billion US dollars, accounting for 21.1% of the global total, equivalent to the financing of the whole of Europe, ranking first in the world.

It is worth noting that in the global new energy development report last year, China was predicted to become the world's largest PV market. After one year of development, this forecast was confirmed.

In recent years, the global PV market has shifted from short-term rapid expansion to rational growth, from relying on a single market to diversified and balanced development. Affected by the improvement of the global terminal application market, in 2013, thin-film solar companies also expanded their production capacity. The global production of thin-film solar cells is about 4GW, which is 20% higher than that in 2012. Different from the simple construction of production lines in the past, most enterprises have achieved strategic expansion through global mergers and acquisitions, production line technology upgrades, and equipment localization. These enterprises themselves have mastered core technologies and have good business channels.

Dr. Zeng Shaojun, the professional vice president of the All-China New Energy Chamber of Commerce, said: We are delighted to see that in the past 2013, the global new energy industry has maintained sustained development. On the one hand, technological progress has continued to play a strong role in promoting, on the other hand, improvement. The pressure of the ecological environment has also prompted governments to adjust the energy structure as the most realistic response to pollution and energy supply. One of the main features of new energy is the combination of energy and high technology. Technology leadership will inevitably bring cost advantages, and environmental friendliness makes new energy the best booster for sustainable development. Chinese enterprises should further increase their technical input, accelerate the pace of international development, seize the favorable opportunity of market development, and further strengthen the strength and share of Chinese enterprises in the global new energy industry.

The report also shows that the total global power generation in 2013 was 2,2513.8TWh, a year-on-year increase of 4.3%. Although fossil fuel power generation accounts for 70% of the total global output, new energy power generation continues the trend of rapid growth. The annual power generation growth rate reached 13%, accounting for 5.2% of the total global power generation.

Wang Huidong, director of the strategic management center of Hanergy Holding Group, said: Overall, the global PV industry will gradually enter a benign development stage. The continuous advancement of technology and the healthy development of the industry will promote the early arrival of photovoltaic applications in the era of large-scale affordable Internet access. In the future, enterprises that master core technologies, establish good business models, and achieve differentiated product competition will occupy more and more proportion in the photovoltaic market. With the maturity of flexible, thin-film solar cell technology and the continuous reduction of cost, the photovoltaic building market will become the blue ocean market for thin film batteries.

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