China Brushless PM Motor Suppliers

- Jan 12, 2021-

China brushless PM motor suppliers compared with the traditional electric excitation motor, permanent magnet motor, especially rare earth permanent magnet motor has simple structure, reliable operation, small volume, small quality, less waste, high efficiency, as well as the flexible and varied in shape and size of the motor and other significant advantages, because the application scope is extremely broad, almost throughout the aerospace, defense, the areas of industrial and agricultural production and daily life.Permanent magnet brushless motor can be regarded as a DC motor which uses electronic commutator to replace mechanical commutator.The structure of the permanent magnet brushless DC motor is mainly composed of permanent magnet motor body, rotor position sensor and electronic commutation circuit.Whether structure or control mode, permanent magnet brushless DC motor and the traditional DC motor have many similarities: the rotor equipped with permanent magnet to replace the brush DC motor stator pole;Replace the armature with a stator with a polyphase winding;The mechanical commutator and brush are replaced by an electronic commutator consisting of a solid-state inverter and a shaft position detector.

Brushless DC motor is to rely on mechanical commutator DC flow transpositional approximately trapezoidal wave AC current supply armature winding, and brushless DC motor is to rely on electronic commutator square wave current according to a certain phase sequence input to each phase of the stator armature winding.When the stator winding of a brushless DC motor is connected to electricity, the magnetic field generated by the phase current interacts with the magnetic field generated by the permanent magnet of the rotor to produce a torque, which drives the rotor to rotate.


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