China Dc Controller Motor

- Jul 02, 2020-

A high-quality DC controller motor factory in China. The brushless DC motor consists of a motor body and a driver. It is a typical mechatronics product. Brushless motor refers to a motor without brushes and commutator (or collector ring), also known as a commutatorless motor.

The working principle of DC motor is:

DC motors have fast response, large starting torque, and can provide rated torque from zero speed to rated speed, but the advantages of DC motors are also its shortcomings, because DC motors need to produce constant rotation under rated load. For the performance of the moment, the armature magnetic field and the rotor magnetic field must be maintained at a constant 90°, which requires carbon brushes and commutators. The carbon brush and commutator will produce sparks and carbon powder when the motor rotates. Therefore, in addition to causing damage to the components, the use occasions are also limited. AC motors do not have carbon brushes and commutators. They are maintenance-free, sturdy, and widely used. However, to achieve performance equivalent to that of DC motors, complex control techniques are required. Nowadays, semiconductors are developing rapidly, and the switching frequency of power components is much faster, which improves the performance of driving motors. The speed of the microprocessor is also getting faster and faster, which can realize the control of the AC motor in a rotating two-axis rectangular coordinate system, and the appropriate control of the current component of the AC motor on the two axes is achieved, similar to the DC motor control and equivalent to the DC motor.


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