China Dc Gear Motor Suppliers Tells You Five Ways To Maintain DC Geared Motors

- May 13, 2019-

China dc gear motor suppliers tells you five ways to maintain DC geared motors

DC geared motors are one of the most widely used products in many mechanical products. They are also an important part of mechanical products. For DC geared motors, we must maintain them in time to avoid affecting work efficiency.

1. Look at the magnitude and change of the working current of the DC geared motor during the daily inspection. See if there is any water leakage or dripping around, which will cause the motor insulation to break down and burn out. Also, do you want to see if there are any objects in the motor peripheral that affect its ventilation and heat dissipation environment? Look at the fan end cover, the fan blade and the motor outside if it is too dirty to be cleaned, to ensure its cooling and cooling effect.

2. The temperature around the motor is detected by the back of the hand. In the case of better bearing conditions, the temperature at both ends will be lower than the temperature of the intermediate winding section. If the temperature at both ends of the bearing is high, it is necessary to combine the measured bearing sound conditions. Check the bearings.

3. Carefully listen to the abnormal operation of the motor. Because the noise in the machine room is large, you can use the auxiliary tools such as a screwdriver or a stick to close the two ends of the motor. If you listen frequently, you can find the motor and its dragging device. Vibration, even the number of internal bearing oil can be judged, so that the timely addition of oil can be added, or replace the new bearing and other corresponding measures to avoid the DC gear motor bearing oil dry grinding and block, turn the outer circle.

4. When the DC geared motor stops running, it is necessary to periodically measure its relative ground or phase insulation resistance with an insulation meter, and compare it with the test results of the previous month, so as to find the insulation defects in time, and use the baking tide lamp to bake when the defect is found. Improve the insulation, avoid burning the motor because the insulation is too low, and the motor with the tidal electric heating. Unless special circumstances, do not turn off the heating switch at will.

5. Pay special attention to the waterproof, moisture-proof and drying of DC geared motors in wet weather and winter. Pay special attention to watertightness to motors in open and wet places. For motors suspected of being heavily wet or splashed, be careful before use. an examination. If the motor is found to be soaked in water, simply disassemble the motor, pull out the rotor, and blow it dry with compressed air, then use the baking lamp to bake from both ends of the motor stator until the motor insulation rises to normal.


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