China Export Quality And Safety Demonstration Enterprise

- Nov 06, 2018-

China Export Quality and Safety Demonstration Enterprise

The "China Export Quality and Safety Demonstration Enterprise" is the highest honor given by the AQSIQ to export enterprises in terms of quality. Its assessment requirements for quality and safety control are extremely strict, and it is the announcement of the quality management department of the Chinese government to demonstrate the quality management capabilities and level of the enterprise to the international market.

CRRC Yongji Motor Co., Ltd. can be the first in the country to be the first in Shanxi Province.

Yongji Electric Machinery Co., Ltd. is a key enterprise in the equipment manufacturing industry in our province. Over the years, it has focused on two major areas of transportation equipment and energy equipment, and has made three high-end chips, key components and system integration products, and continuously expanded rail transit, wind power generation and engineering machinery. The five major businesses of system services and overseas operations have achieved steady and steady development. They regard quality as the life of the company, always adhere to two commitments (continuous improvement, customer satisfaction), implement brand strategy, and steadily improve product quality.

The “China Export Quality and Safety Demonstration Enterprise” has been praised by the industry as an upgraded version of “Export Exemption”. For enterprises, it is an "export pass" with a very high gold content. The participating enterprises need to have a certain scale and are in a leading position in the same industry in the country. The products have high technological content, have famous trademarks and independent brands, and the product quality is well-known at home and abroad. It is the leader of Chinese export enterprises and truly in the same industry. Played a demonstration and leading role.

As a professional development company for electric drive systems that actively implements the international development strategy, Yongji Electric Company has fully met the assessment requirements in the application process, and finally became the only company in the province to receive this honor. This is undoubtedly a model of “Made in Shanxi”.

What we are more hopeful is that more Shanxi enterprises can catch up and become one of the "China's export quality and safety demonstration enterprises".

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