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- Mar 27, 2020-

Gear, a common problem component of stainless steel fan

Stainless steel fan is simply a kind of equipment for conveying gas, and its structure is not complex. Preparation for installation of stainless steel fan

The main parts of the stainless steel fan are: impeller, volute, air inlet, bracket, motor, pulley, coupling, muffler, transmission parts (bearings), etc.

After a long time of use, some parts of stainless steel fan will have problems under the influence of external factors or material factors.

Today, I'd like to show you which parts often have problems.

1、 Gear

When designing the gears of the stainless steel fan, a certain amount of tooth wear is calculated. During normal use, its wear is negligible.

If the oil level in the gearbox is high, excessive oil will be heated in agitation and the temperature at the bottom of the oil tank will be too high.

If you continue to operate in this case, the gear will heat up and the gear may be affected by rapid wear, which will cause impeller blade contact or unit seizure.


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