China Fan Motor 220V Factory

- Mar 30, 2020-

1: China Fan Motor 220V factory: (RB) round up high-pressure annular blower, TB / CX turbofan, FMS / MS round up low-pressure centrifugal fan and more than 80 kinds of blowers.


2: Fan bearing: NSK brand bearing is used as the core part of the vortex pump, which can bear the speed of 350 ℃ and 4000 rpm. For domestic Lo shaft, human-oriented bearing, stable performance, low noise, maintenance free, longer service life, can ensure longer fan operation.


3: High quality: the industrial protection level of fan is IP54, and the motor of level F is efficient and low fault. Many years of professional manufacturing, processing equipment precision high-quality motor. Ensure stable performance and high reliability of the fan.


4. Energy saving and environmental protection: the annular high-pressure blowers can work continuously, safely, reliably and for a long time. All products are made by heavy-duty casting and die-casting of aluminum alloy. They have the incomparable advantages of traditional iron sheet or cast iron blowers such as "light weight and low energy consumption".


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