China Has Formed 120,000 Engine Remanufacturing Capabilities

- Oct 10, 2018-

Qi Yiping, deputy director of the Expert Committee of China Association of Automobile Manufacturers, said that since the country started the pilot remanufacturing of 14 auto and parts companies in March 2008, the remanufacturing of auto parts has been related to standards, technologies and processes. Achievements have been made in various aspects such as the formulation and promotion of relevant policies. The relevant departments have successively formulated 11 categories of mandatory and recommended remanufacturing processes and remanufactured product standards. The pilot enterprises have basically understood and mastered the remanufacturing technologies and processes to varying degrees, such as remanufacturing design and evaluation techniques, and remanufacturing Technology technology, remanufacturing cleaning technology and technology, surface remanufacturing processing technology and technology, remanufacturing testing technology and intelligent remanufacturing technology.

According to incomplete statistics, as of 2010, auto parts remanufacturing pilot companies have formed 120,000 remanufactured engines, 30,000 remanufactured transmissions and 400,000 remanufactured generators and starters.

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