China House Big Power Motor

- Sep 08, 2020-

Definition of high-power electrical appliances: Generally, electric appliances with direct use of 220V ALTERNATING current and greater than 1200W are called high-power electrical appliances, in order to distinguish the electrical appliances that will be reduced voltage and converted to DC, such as washing machines, etc. within the scope of high-power electrical appliances.

Household high-power electrical appliances: air conditioning, electric water heater, oven, induction cooker, microwave oven.At the same time, domestic electrical appliances that need to use Chinese household electric motors will generally use 220V AC power directly and more than 1200W, which are called high-power electric motors, so as to distinguish the electrical appliances that reduce voltage of the commercial power and convert to DC, such as washing machines, etc., within the scope of high-power electrical appliances.In a home circuit, the voltage U=220V is constant.Since I=P/U, the greater the total power P of the electrical appliance, the greater the total current I in the circuit.If the total current in the circuit exceeds the safe value, the fuse will burn out easily.Therefore, do not use a number of high-power appliances at the same time in the family circuit.High-power socket, from jack structure to wiring and plug strictly meet 16 amps (power 4000 watts) configuration, can fully meet the load requirements of high-power electrical appliances.At the same time, it USES the kinetic energy of anti-overloading technology, combined overload protection and power switch, highly sensitive reaction, when the load is less than the socket rated load current, overload protector doesn't start, when the current load exceeds socket rated load, overload protector will alert and in a certain time to cut off the power supply, load the faster, the higher the power cut off.

At the same time, its overload protection function can be restored, press the overload protection switch to restore normal, reusable, without replacing the fuse or fuse, easy to use, can effectively protect the electrical equipment and family safety.


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