China Household Motor Manufacturers

- Jan 14, 2021-

Characteristics and development trend of China household motor manufacturers:

1. Induction motor

Although all kinds of new motor emerge in endlessly, the single phase induction motor is still the most used in home appliance products at present, accounting for about the market

More than 80% of capacity.Single-phase induction motor has the advantages of simple structure, energy saving, low production cost, mature technology and no electricity

Brush, running noise is not large, long life.Single-phase induction motors have self-starting capability, but start with shock current, speed and load

Size related, efficiency - general, usually in 50%~60%.

In the North American market agitator washing machine and domestic wave type washing machine is mostly used single-phase induction pole change

Machine.In 2010, compared with 2009, the demand for induction motors for washing machines increased by about 23%

The machine is more sensitive to cost and in large demand.- Large washing machine manufacturers often invest in their own motor production lines,

Due to the low technical threshold of induction motor industry, a large number of small-scale production enterprises have appeared.Thus induction motor line

Industry presents overall supply exceeds demand, low - price competition wish common existence.At present, single-phase pole-changing induction motors are gradually being serially excited

Machine or three-phase frequency conversion induction motor to replace.


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