China Induction Engine

- Oct 09, 2020-

China motor manufacturer, China induction motor manufacturer of high quality, induction motor also known as "induction generator".An alternator that USES the rotating magnetic field between stator and rotor to interact with the induced current in the rotor winding.The rotor of the induction generator rotates at the same speed as the rotating magnetic field, but the speed is slightly higher than the synchronous speed of the rotating magnetic field.Commonly used as a low-power hydrogenerator.Asynchronous generator due to the maintenance of easy, good stability, often used as a grid operation of small power hydrogenerator.When the prime mover is used to drag the rotor of the asynchronous motor along the rotation direction of the magnetic field, and make its speed exceed the synchronous speed, the motor will enter the generator operation, and the input mechanical energy of the prime mover into electrical energy sent to the grid.The excitation current of the motor is taken from the grid.

Induction generator has the advantages of simple structure, firm, small volume, light weight, less auxiliary equipment, convenient operation and maintenance, etc., especially the induction generator can run independently, which makes it very practical in remote mountainous areas less than the coverage of the power grid or towns and villages lack of power or as an emergency backup power supply.


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