China Induction Motors Manufacturers

- Nov 23, 2020-

China induction motor manufacturing, from raw materials to production and processing are strictly controlled and supervised, in case of failure should be timely checked and repaired:

If the motor overheat is checked and repaired, it is generally found that the motor in normal operation overheat for the following reasons:

1) The voltage of the power supply suddenly becomes higher, which is inconsistent with the rated voltage of the motor nameplate, or the three-phase power supply voltage is seriously unbalanced;

2) The load driven by the motor changes greatly and the motor is temporarily in overload condition;

3) Due to bearing failure or clearance wear exceeding limit, shaft bending, partial overheat deformation of iron core, axial movement of rotor, etc., fixed and rotor core bore sweeping;

4) Environmental dust sticks to the insulation surface inside the motor and blocks the cooling air duct and cooling air pipe, making the motor poorly ventilated, greatly reducing the cooling effect and causing the motor to overheat;

5) Failure of the motor cooling device, failure of the air temperature regulation device, resulting in motor overheating;

6) Single-phase operation of three-phase motor;

7) The winding has faults, such as short circuit, open circuit, ground, wrong connection, etc.;

8) Uneven air gap.

The rewound motor overheats, and the reasons are as follows:

1) Wiring error;

2) Too many or too few turns;

3) Too thin coil wire, too small or too large coil pitch


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