China Medical Device Motor Manufacturers

- Mar 20, 2020-

We believe that the company has been continuously engaged in R & D of RV Reducer for up to 6 years, and now has the capacity of small batch supply. In the future, the localization of RV Reducer is expected to achieve a breakthrough. When choosing DC motor, have you ever had such trouble? If you bought a motor, it's not how to tell whether it's good or not. Let's see if these 8 methods can test whether your reducer is a good thing. How to judge the DC motor is good or bad 1. Connecting the positive and negative poles, there will be a lot of resistance when screwing by hand, to clarify that the circuit is normal. Otherwise, there is a break point inside the motor; 2. Rotate the motor by hand, if there is significant resistance, clarify that there is a short-circuit point inside the motor. (the transition is stable to normal); 3. When the power is turned on, investigate the commutation spark, no spark is the best, and the spark with little dots is outstanding.


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