China Mini Gear Motor Suppliers And Production Process

- May 21, 2019-

China mini gear motor suppliers and production process

Let's talk about the production process of miniature geared motors.

The production process of the micro geared motor refers to the process of planning the finished product packaging. In the whole process, it is divided into many parts. The main process is: preparation of the material in the early stage - checking the acceptance of the motor - comparison of the design of the process plan - Development of technical documents - design preparation of tools, fixtures, molds, etc. - implementation of parts processing technology - assembly and testing of components and finished products - storage.

The manufacturing process of micro geared motors includes many, stamping, casting, insulation treatment, heat treatment, plastic pressing, etc., as well as some mechanical processing, and each process can be subdivided into several processes. The quality of the process will affect the quality of the finished product, the labor of the workers and the utilization rate of the equipment. Therefore, it is not sloppy. We should turn the quality off to improve the overall efficiency.


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