China Motor Network Participated In The 2012 Guangzhou International Micro Motor And Magnetic Materials Exhibition

- Oct 29, 2018-

China Motor Network participated in the 2012 Guangzhou International Micro Motor and Magnetic Materials Exhibition

China (Guangzhou) International Micro-Electric Motors and Magnetic Materials Exhibition, as an industry event focusing on micro-motors and magnetic materials, will effectively build a convenient place for exhibitors, visitors and buyers based on its natural advantages in industrial clusters. The “bridge” of high efficiency, communication and mutual benefit provides a one-stop supply and marketing platform to promote the rapid growth of the electronics industry.

The products on display at this exhibition include various types of micro-motors, motor control systems and devices, manufacturing equipment, test instruments and equipment, supporting products, various types of power supplies, electric drives, automation equipment and magnetic materials. In the field, each product has complete information and information, which is convenient for visitors to understand, exchange and purchase.

China Motor Network has also been invited by this exhibition, and will cooperate with China Micromotor Network http:/// with a warm attitude to actively participate in the promotion and promotion of this exhibition. Since its establishment, China Motor Network has won the trust and support of the majority of corporate customers. With professional network technicians and a huge information collection team, the website provides the most fresh and reliable first-hand business information for enterprise customers. Promote and publicize, enhance the visibility of enterprises, obtain customers in different fields, shorten the communication distance between enterprises and enterprises, and seek common development.

This exhibition will be strongly supported by China Motor Network. At the same time, China Motor Network hopes to meet more people in this exhibition, communicate with many companies, constantly improve themselves and promote themselves. Inspirational and Chinese motor industry enterprises join hands. To create a bright future for the industry, China Motor Network hopes that the 2012 China (Guangzhou) International Micro-motor and Magnetic Materials Exhibition will be successfully held and will be a complete success!

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