China Motor Universal Factory

- Jun 25, 2020-

We are a high-quality China motor universal factory. According to statistics, AC motors can be classified in the following two ways:

According to function: ac motor according to its function usually divided into alternator, ac motor and synchronous camera several categories.Because of the reversibility of the working state of the motor, the same motor can be used as both a generator and a motor.

It is not very exact to divide the motor into generator and motor, but some motors mainly operate as generator and some motors mainly operate as motor.

Ac motor is a very general classification, the types of motor itself is very big, the ac motor itself can also points with high speed at low speed, low speed can be called a low-speed motor, ac motor at low speed, high speed can be called high speed motor, speed motor, ac high-speed motor, and high speed motor can be called a motorized spindle, high speed motorized spindle, and so on.

What is a motorized spindle

Motorized spindle is in recent years in the field of CNC machine tools will be the machine tool spindle and spindle motor integration of new technology, it and linear motor technology, high-speed tool technology together, will push high-speed processing to a new era.Motorized spindle is a set of components, it includes motorized spindle itself and its accessories: motorized spindle, high-frequency frequency conversion device, oil mist lubricator, cooling device, built-in encoder, tool changing device.


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