China Power Motors Suppliers

- Aug 12, 2020-

Professional Power motor supplier in China, with a professional team of RESEARCH and development, customers can also customize the design, from raw material production processing a series of services.

Provide more than 100,000 kinds of AC motor application data for customers to choose or reference, and with a specific deceleration ratio of the gearbox or the corresponding encoder, rapid integration and design of ac motor to meet or exceed customer requirements.Mature application in household appliances, automation, medical care, power tools and other fields, such as: wall breaking machine, juicer, chef machine, vacuum cleaner, coffee machine, atomizer, lawn mower, etc.The large motors range from hundreds of kilowatts to several megawatts.Medium electric motors tens to hundreds of kilowatts.Small motors range from a few kilowatts to dozens of kilowatts.The miniaturization is called micromotors, and micromotors are divided into hundreds of types.

And the difference between the rated power of the motor and the actual power is that the motor is in the best working state under this data.The rated voltage is fixed and 10% tolerance is allowed.The actual power and current of the motor vary with the size of the drag load.If the drag load is large, the actual power and current are large.Small drag load means small actual power and current.If the actual power and current are greater than the rated power and current, the electric machine will overheat and burn out;If the actual power and current are less than the rated power and current, the material waste will be caused.


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