China's Distribution Automation Development Trend

- Oct 22, 2018-

China's distribution automation development trend

Distribution network optimization operation decision support system

The utilization of the distribution automation system can improve the reliability of the power supply. However, if certain economic benefits are to be obtained from the distribution automation system, in addition to improving the reliability of the power supply, it is necessary to optimize the operation mode and the power grid structure to reduce the line loss. It can improve the quality of power supply and reduce costs. In order to ensure the economical efficiency of the power supply, research on the distribution network support system is very necessary. The distribution network optimization operation decision support system can comprehensively utilize the online and offline parameter information of various distribution networks, and then through the input and output relationship of the decision model, reflecting the online working conditions of the distribution network and the distribution network. Planning information to calculate various safety indicators and economic indicators, and get the effects of various online assistant decision-making programs and simulation operations.

Integrated, integrated and intelligent

Distribution automation systems are extremely complex and large. They contain a large number of equipment and subsystems. There are different degrees of correlation between subsystems and various functions. At the same time, the technologies themselves and the technologies used are constantly evolving. The electric automation system uses a comprehensive solution to share the investment and operating costs between various applications through system integration to reduce costs. In terms of feeder automation, feeder terminal equipment is more and more advanced, with conventional remote control, telemetry and remote signaling functions, and integrated feeder fault detection, automatic reclosing and power quality detection functions and circuit breaker monitoring functions. It is necessary to focus on the development of intelligent switches, to reduce the overall cost of distribution networks through intelligence, and to further improve the reliability and economy of distribution network power.

Application of new distribution automation technology

At present, the new power distribution automation technology generally refers to user power technology and distribution line carrier communication technology. User power technology refers to a new integrated technology that combines microprocessor technology, power electronics technology and control technology to be applied in medium and low voltage power distribution systems to ensure power quality and improve power supply reliability. At the same time, this technology can meet the strict requirements of special load. By combining distribution automation technology, it can realize real-time control of flexible power distribution and no instantaneous power outage, thus meeting the higher-level power quality requirements of users. The distribution line carrier communication technology is usually applied in the low-voltage distribution network. Because there are many terminal equipments in the low-voltage distribution network, the optical fiber communication cost is high and the reliability is low. In order to realize the integrated automatic information release and remote meter reading function of the distribution system of real-time electricity price, it is meaningful to study the reliability and communication rate of the distribution line carrier communication technology. This not only enables the communication functions mentioned above, but also provides other integrated communication functions to the customer.

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