China's Energy-efficient Motor Demand Continues To Increase

- Oct 18, 2018-

China's energy-efficient motor demand continues to increase

In 2015, China's motor exports were basically the same as last year, but there was a bottleneck in the development of the industry, and enterprise transformation was inevitable. Motor exports are facing challenges in 2016, but the demand for energy efficient motors continues to grow.

I. Overview of import and export in 2015

Exports are basically the same as last year

Customs statistics show that in 2015, China's motor export volume was 7.433 billion US dollars, down 0.8% year-on-year, accounting for about 10% of the global market share; the import value was 3.257 billion US dollars, a significant decline from the previous year, a decline of 11.4%.

The export prices of various types of motors have generally increased, and the proportion of energy-efficient and high-efficiency motors with higher prices has increased. In terms of export value, the export distribution of 8 types of motor products exported by China in 2015 has not changed significantly compared with previous years. The largest export products are still single-phase AC motors. The export value of other types of products has also increased to different degrees. Affected by rising raw material prices and changes in motor export types, the average price of product exports increased by 2.7%.

With the increase in the output of high-efficiency energy-saving motors and the increase in the proportion of exports, their export prices have also increased significantly. In terms of imports, China's motor imports are mainly based on other electric motors (power less than or equal to 37.5 watts), with imports of 1.285 billion US dollars, accounting for 39.4%, down 6.1% year-on-year. The decline in the import of multi-phase AC motors was significant, resulting in a decline in the overall import of electric motors compared with the same period last year.

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