China's First 10-minute Fast Charger Was Born In Dalian

- Oct 27, 2018-

China's first 10-minute fast charger was born in Dalian

Recently, Dalian Robinson Co., Ltd., a private enterprise in Jinzhou New District of Dalian, independently developed and produced China's first 10-minute fast charger and was promoted and applied in Chongqing.

It is understood that pure electric vehicles with low carbon and zero pollution are popular among cities, but the long charging time and large power consumption have always restricted the popularity of pure electric vehicles. The emergence of a ten-minute fast charger has largely solved this bottleneck

According to reports, using a 10-minute fast charger to charge a pure electric bus for 10 minutes, you can meet the passenger car driving for about 50 kilometers. The fast charger has the characteristics of small size and light weight. The charging module uses the advanced soft switching technology and has superior power grid adaptability. The double gun 600A high current has a power factor of 0.99, which ensures high efficiency charging.

China's new energy automobile industry is entering a new stage of development. With the popularization of new energy and energy-saving vehicles, the electric vehicle charging industry is expected to become a more dynamic emerging market. Dalian has initially formed a complete energy-saving and new energy automobile industry chain, and has sufficient conditions to be in the forefront of the country in the field of electric vehicle charging.

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