China's First 700,000 KW Evaporative Cooling Turbine Generator Officially Put Into Operation

- Oct 28, 2018-

China's first 700,000 kW evaporative cooling turbine generator officially put into operation

Recently, the evaporative cooling turbine generator developed by the Chinese Academy of Sciences to provide key technologies was officially put into operation. The commissioning of the generator marks that the technology and capacity level of China's power generation equipment has reached the world's leading level, and it is a major advancement in the independent research and development level of China's large-scale power equipment.

The hydroelectric generator has a power generation of 700,000 kilowatts. In the case of 10% overload, the operating temperature of the unit is stable at 58-60 °C, while the temperature of the conventional unit is as high as 90-100 °C. It is the first 700,000 kW evaporative cooling unit in China and the largest evaporative cooling in the world. The hydroelectric generating unit has completely independent intellectual property rights.

Evaporative cooling technology effectively solves the bottleneck problem of heating and cooling of large and giant hydro-generators, and provides a strong and reliable guarantee for the development and application of giant hydro-generators of 1000 MW and above in the country.

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