China's First Megawatt High Temperature Superconducting Motor Was Successfully Developed

- Oct 29, 2018-

China's first megawatt high temperature superconducting motor was successfully developed

Recently, the megawatt high-temperature superconducting machine developed by CSIC 712 has achieved stable operation at full load, marking the successful development of China's first megawatt high-temperature superconducting machine. The motor has completely independent intellectual property rights and reaches the world advanced level, which is a milestone for the strategic development of China's superconducting machine.

High-temperature superconducting application technology is a major high-tech in the 21st century, and its development is closely related to the urgent needs of marine electric propulsion systems. Ordinary electric propulsion systems are bulky and cumbersome, and have long limited the development of electric propulsion technology until the emergence of high-temperature superconducting machines, breaking this dilemma. The unique advantages of high-temperature superconducting machines have become the first choice for marine electric propulsion systems, creating an optimal heart for ships.

Based on the scientific research strength accumulated in the field of marine electric propulsion systems for many years, the 718 project has undertaken the national 863 project of high-temperature superconducting electric motor research. From the beginning of the project, the institute has aimed at the technical development direction of foreign high-temperature superconducting machines, and strived to improve the performance index and technical level of the motor. After ten years of tempering, it has achieved a leap from 100 kilowatts to megawatts, breaking through many The key technology has improved the research ability of high-temperature superconducting machines in China, and laid the foundation for the further practical research of higher-capacity high-temperature superconducting machines.

In the future, the institute will focus on the practical research of high-capacity high-temperature superconducting machines. It is expected to enter the engineering development by 2020, and gradually promote the application of high-temperature superconducting machine technology to the field of electric drive and power generation to realize new changes in this field.

High temperature superconducting machine

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