China's Internal Combustion Engine Industry 13th Five-Year Development Plan

- Nov 02, 2018-

China's internal combustion engine industry "13th Five-Year" development plan

"China's internal combustion engine industry "13th Five-Year" development plan" (draft for comment) mentioned that "internal combustion engine is the most potential and most effective product for energy conservation and emission reduction at present and in the future, and it is the mainstream power for a long period of time. The status of machinery can not be shaken. To achieve the overall goal of China's carbon dioxide emissions peak in 2030 and will strive to reach an early peak, the task of energy saving and emission reduction in the internal combustion engine industry is arduous and responsible." The next five years will be a period of comprehensive upgrade of the internal combustion engine industry.

Observing from the highest point of production and manufacturing, the current lack of internal combustion engine testing technology and equipment and backwardness are also a major constraint to the sustainable and healthy development of China's internal combustion engine industry. For a long time, China's internal combustion engine industry's manufacturing, testing and testing technology and testing equipment rely on foreign phenomena is very serious, the vast majority of key testing equipment and instruments need to be imported, seriously hindering the improvement of independent innovation and the development of new products. .

It is reported that in the face of the serious impact of various substances such as carbon dioxide greenhouse gases and fine particles emitted by internal combustion engine products on the atmospheric environment, the focus of energy-saving and emission reduction technologies for the internal combustion engine manufacturing industry in developed countries has shifted from controlling the emission of harmful substances in internal combustion engines to controlling carbon dioxide emissions. It is obvious from the EU's vehicle emission regulations that the newly produced passenger car carbon dioxide emission standard will be reduced from the current 130 g/km to 95 g/km from 2020, and greenhouse gas emission control is replacing the hazardous substance emission regulations. Become the main driving force for the development of internal combustion engine technology.

Li Dongru, deputy secretary general of the China Machinery Industry Federation, said: "The future development should focus on green design technology, clean production technology, resource recycling technology, and energy saving and emission reduction technology. Green manufacturing is the driving force for technological innovation. The concept of 'resource efficiency', which achieves the highest value-added output with the least amount of resources, better achieves the integration of 'green' and 'profit', and also meets the needs of enterprises.

Xing Min, executive vice president and secretary general of China Internal Combustion Engine Industry Association, once said to green manufacturing, "In order to comply with the advocacy of an environment-friendly society, the entire internal combustion engine industry should fully implement green manufacturing, focus on the research and development of alternative fuels, and fully implement the country. Motor vehicle and internal combustion engine emission regulations. Accelerate the realization of advanced manufacturing of internal combustion engines, comprehensively consider environmental impact and resource use efficiency, comprehensively improve the level of clean and efficient processing technology, promote intelligent production, and achieve green production. Promote special lubricants for alternative fuel internal combustion engines and Unconventional emission aftertreatment technology, research on new alternative fuel combustion technology. Deepening alternative fuel engines are compatible with existing engine manufacturing systems."

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