China's Manufacturers Of Geared Motors Are Hard-pressed, And Global Innovation Is Weak

- Aug 25, 2018-

Throughout the year of 2018, innovation is still a common problem faced by various manufacturers of geared motors in various countries. From the perspective of the big picture, there has been little innovation, which makes the 2018's dullness not so unexpected.

After the development of the gear motor market in China in recent years, the quality concept and brand concept of geared motors have taken initial shape. Although there are progress, it is difficult to achieve breakthroughs. Technical barriers, manufacturing equipment, and talent shortages all restrict the realization of China's geared motors to a higher level. breakthrough. At this stage, it is difficult to form a confrontation with foreign brand gear motor manufacturers. In 2018, China's gear motor manufacturers only have to support hard, and it is the last word to improve the technical level.

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