China's Motor And Inverter Key Technologies Have Made New Breakthroughs

- Nov 13, 2018-

Recently, it was reported that the 歼-15 carrier-based fighter aircraft was suspected to have completed the catapult take-off on the first aircraft carrier electromagnetic catapult test machine in China. The news has not yet received an official response. The more optimistic view is that this means that China's key technology for the large-deck aircraft carrier in the future has made significant progress, which is no less than the first flight of a new type of carrier aircraft. However, some experts pointed out that even if the first electromagnetic ejection is indeed achieved, it depends on whether the catapult is a prototype or an engineering prototype. The "first bomb" of the electromagnetic catapult is a good start, but it may take a long time to wait for the engineering and final loading of the aircraft carrier.

Passing the "first bomb" of China's electromagnetic catapult

According to sources from the network, the ejection was completed at the electromagnetic catapult test site of a carrier aircraft base of the Chinese Navy. The catapult 歼-15 fighter that strengthened the front landing gear not long ago was first exposed, and the progress was “surprising”. Many netizens called this success "a great victory." Some analysts pointed out that the "major breakthrough" of the electromagnetic catapult will make the J-15 fighter jets capable of heavy take-off, and the bomb load and combat radius can be greatly improved, no less than the first flight of a new type of carrier aircraft. And large platforms such as ship-borne early warning aircraft will also be able to take off from the aircraft carrier, which is extremely significant.

According to the network, at present, only China and the United States are conducting ground tests for large-scale aircraft carrier electromagnetic catapults. It is believed that the Chinese electromagnetic catapult test device is 120 to 150 meters in length and the effective track portion is about 80 meters. If the online news is true, such a large electromagnetic catapult, the successful ejection of the 歼-15 heavy fighter, shows that the key technologies of China's linear synchronous motor, disk alternator and high-power digital cycle inverter are close to comprehensive and practical. Turn.

"Global Times" reporter called the Chinese naval expert Zhang Junshe on the 9th to verify, he said that he noticed the news on the network, but declined to comment on the relevant experiments and project progress. However, Zhang Junshe said that the electromagnetic ejection technology is an advanced aircraft carrier aircraft ejection technology that is currently being paid attention to and researched by the major navies including the US military. It can greatly improve the efficiency of aircraft carrier aircraft and improve combat effectiveness, but Americans The forerunners of technology still have a lot of technical difficulties to overcome. China will continue to pay attention to and study related technologies.

In fact, in recent years, foreign media have repeatedly speculated on the news of China's electromagnetic catapults. On September 27 this year, the American technology magazine "Popular Machinery" reported that China is imitating the US military aircraft launching and take-off system, especially electromagnetic ejection. The revolution of this take-off system will have a huge impact on the Western Pacific.

Chinese military expert Li Jie told the Global Times that China has basically mastered the main technologies of steam ejection. Academician Ma Weiming from the Chinese Navy has disclosed that certain technologies of China's electromagnetic catapults are no less than the United States. It can be seen that China is continuing to promote the development of the use of catapults for aircraft carriers, and the development progress is relatively smooth. But in addition to the technical breakthrough of the catapult itself, if you want to install it on the ship, it will involve problems such as power problems and system integration, which need further argumentation.

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