China's Motor Industry Development Process

- Oct 12, 2018-

At the beginning of the founding of the People's Republic of China, after the healing of the war and the initial recovery of the national economy, Comrade Mao Zedong and the Party Central Committee timely proposed the general line of the transitional period, while carrying out socialist transformation, and began large-scale industrial construction, and implemented priority. The policy of developing heavy industry. The 156 projects carried out during the first five-year plan were all laid to lay the foundation for the realization of national industrialization. Among them, there were a number of motor industry projects. Historical facts show that these guidelines and deployments are correct. A country, especially a large country with a large population and a vast territory. Without a strong industrial system with heavy industry as the backbone and coordination with light industry, it is impossible to establish an independent and complete national economic system, and it is impossible to use advanced industrial technology equipment. Armed agriculture, service industry and national defense cause cannot be said to be truly independent, safe and strong. After the Party Central Committee established the grand goal of realizing the country's industrialization, the workers, intellectuals and leading cadres of the industrial front renewed their enthusiasm and creativity. The kind of situation that we have experienced personally is unforgettable. The new China modern motor industry started from then on.

In 1956, the first steam turbine generator made in New China was put into operation. Although it was only 6,000 kW, it was a huge thing compared to the past. This generator was built by experts from Czechoslovakia Skoda to help build Shanghai. The Chinese name of the Czech expert is Xu Jiade. He has profound technical theory and rich practical experience. I remember that I needed to do an overspeed test, which was 120% of the rated speed, or 3,600 rpm. Everyone is very worried, I am afraid that the rotor will fly. Later, an ultra-speed test room was built in Minhang Shanghai Motor Factory. We all went on the day of the test and it worked very well. At that time, I served as the head of the electrical professional department at the Shanghai Second Design Branch of the Ministry of Machines, and assisted the vice president of Shanghai Electric Machinery Factory Meng Qingyuan to complete this task. Academician Wang Geng was still alive in the past. The power of 6000 kW is not big, but after all, it is the first steam turbine generator built in New China. It is difficult to start everything! Later, with the help of Soviet experts, we have developed a steam turbine generator set of 25,000 kW to 100,000 kW, and the power has been continuously improved. During the Great Leap Forward, Meng Qingyuan and others developed a 12,000-kilowatt dual-water internal cooling generator using a new cooling method. This steam turbine generator successfully vibrated the country, and the foreign response was not small, but due to the error of the left and The impact, China's motor industry in general said that progress is not fast. After years of improvement, the technical process has gradually matured, and 125,000 kW and 300,000 kW dual-water internal-cooled steam turbine generators have been developed. Under the very difficult conditions at that time, China's motor manufacturing industry has reached a big step, which is inseparable from the outstanding motor leaders such as Zhou Jiannan and Cao Weilian. After the reform and opening up, the motor industry ushered in a spring of rapid development. In the 1980s, we introduced Westinghouse technology to produce 300,000 kW and 600,000 kW steam turbine generator sets. By the beginning of this century, China's three major power companies have been able to produce millions of kilowatt-class ultra-supercritical steam turbine generator sets.

Small and medium-sized motors are important equipment for powering various mechanical equipment, and the application amount is wide. At the beginning of the founding of New China, China's small and medium-sized motor products were mainly copied from abroad. I remember that there were many manufacturers of imitation motors at that time, the variety was messy, and the specifications were not uniform. During the Great Leap Forward period, there was a unified design, but due to the lack of scientific and rigorous attitude, performance indicators could not meet the requirements. In 1962, I was transferred to the Shanghai Electric Apparatus Research Institute as the deputy director of technology, responsible for leading the work. At that time, I rushed to the domestic motor factories, and spent three years organizing the research and successfully completed the unified design of the J2 and JO2 series motors and passed the national appraisal. This is the first self-designed motor series in China. Compared with the original foreign products, the performance indicators have been greatly improved, which has played an important role in promoting the development of the motor industry. At present, China's small and medium-sized motors have reached 1.6 billion kilowatts, making it the world's largest producer, use and exporter of small and medium-sized motors.

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