China's Motor Industry Encounters Market And Technology Analysis

- Oct 29, 2018-

China's motor industry encounters market and technology analysis

There are many kinds of motor products in China, but the efficiency is not high. The phenomenon of big horse-drawn cars is serious. The promotion of high-efficiency motors is far from the global.

If China's power equipment manufacturing industry is likened to an organic whole, the motor industry is the heart of this body. Whether it is the large motor (power generation equipment) industry, or the small and medium-sized motor industry, it is all the time for China's hydropower, thermal power, nuclear power, wind power and other power systems as well as metallurgy, machinery, scientific research, transportation, cement, paper, textile, environmental protection, municipal, etc. All walks of life provide a constant source of power, and the motor industry is the central nervous system of the mechanical equipment industry chain and the entire economic society.

In the 100-year history of China's motor industry, it has left a trail of development from scratch and from weak to strong. From the first 6000 kW steam turbine generator made in China in 1956, the 100,000 kW steam turbine generator set, the 12,000 KW dual water internal cooling generator, and the 300,000 KW dual water internal cooling turbine generator. At the beginning of the century, the millions of kilowatt-class supercritical steam turbine generator sets, to the present ultra-supercritical generator sets, in a sense, the overall development level of the motor industry has been in the forefront of the world.

However, there are many types of motor products in China, but the efficiency is not high. The phenomenon of large horse-drawn cars is serious, and the promotion of high-efficiency motors is far from the global. Compared with developed countries, the average efficiency is 3 to 5 percentage points lower, and the operating efficiency is 10 to 20 percentage points lower. The motor is the main power consumer in the national economy. Some experts say that China's industrial energy consumption accounts for about 70% of the total energy consumption, of which motor energy consumption accounts for 60%~70% of industrial energy consumption. According to the survey, China's IE1 The market share of the grade motor is close to 90%, and the proportion of energy-efficient motors that reach IE2 or above is only 8%.

The National Industrial System Energy Conservation 12th Five-Year Plan shows that in 2015, the entire IE2 motor will reach more than 80% of the entire motor market. In view of this, the promotion and application of high-efficiency motors is an urgent task.

Immigration and environmental protection issues in hydropower construction, wind power technical standards and policies have led to serious abandonment of winds. Solar power generation has long been trapped in cheap Internet access. The road to safe and efficient nuclear electrolysis is still unclear. A series of problems have objectively proposed to the motor industry. higher requirement.

China's motor industry has to accept the double test from the external market and internal technology. In the past few years, the major power companies have developed by leaps and bounds. The annual installed capacity of power generation equipment has exceeded 100 million kilowatts for several years. The production capacity of various manufacturing enterprises has also been fully expanded. With the slowdown of economic growth, the growth rate of domestic power equipment is increasing. It is also decreasing, market competition tends to become hot, and the level of price profit is getting lower and lower. Zhang Yansong, general manager of Beijing Beizhong Steam Turbine Motor Co., Ltd. said.

Taking large electric machines (power generation equipment) as an example, on the one hand, due to the slowdown in national power consumption growth and the loss of thermal power in successive years, the adjustment of power structure has accelerated, new features of power installation structure have emerged, the proportion of clean energy has increased, and the proportion of thermal power installed has gradually decreased; On the one hand, although China's current hydropower and wind power installed capacity has exceeded 230 million kilowatts and 47 million kilowatts respectively, ranking first in the world. However, immigrants such as hydropower construction, environmental protection issues, wind power technical standards, policies have led to a serious abandonment of wind, solar power has long been trapped in the Internet, the road to safe and efficient nuclear electrolysis is still unclear, etc., a series of problems objectively on the motor industry Put forward higher requirements.

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