China's Motor Industry Needs To Start From Energy Saving And Environmental Protection

- Oct 18, 2018-

China's motor industry needs to start from energy saving and environmental protection

As a key area of auto parts, the motor industry has become one of the most potential industries in energy conservation and environmental protection.

The country's "Provisional Regulations for the Promotion of Industrial Structure Adjustment", "Guidelines for the Guidance of Product Structure Adjustment" and "Currently Guided Key Areas for Technology Industrialization Priority" and other regulatory documents require that the focus of China's small and medium-sized motor development strategy in the future will be around national implementation. Motor energy-saving engineering, vigorously develop energy-saving, high-efficiency, environmentally-friendly motor products, and accelerate the pace of product upgrading. Enterprises will develop high-efficiency and energy-saving motors and promote energy-saving products, which is an important measure to achieve energy conservation and consumption reduction.

In addition, from the perspective of China's major motor listed companies, the development of new energy vehicles in the future development strategy of each enterprise is expected to lay a solid foundation for the new development of the company. In order to further accelerate the layout of the new energy industry, we will actively deploy new energy vehicle drive motors and electronic control systems and other related core components to achieve effective planning for the transformation of the role of new energy vehicle powertrain suppliers.

From the market survey data analysis, China's motor industry has experienced rapid growth in the past two years, especially the motor enterprise's new energy vehicle motor revenue accounted for more than 10% of the total enterprise revenue, and new energy vehicles. The growth rate of the motor's revenue is much higher than the growth rate of the company's overall revenue, and the highest even reaches 1001.84%. It can be seen that the development potential of the new energy vehicle to the motor industry is difficult to estimate.

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