China's Motor Protector Industry Is Facing Good Development

- Oct 29, 2018-

China's motor protector industry is facing good development

Motor protectors (motor protectors) are important components for power generation, power supply, and power systems. It is an energy-saving electromechanical product with cross-industry, large volume and remarkable energy-saving effect. It is almost infiltrated into all areas of electricity use; it is an important guarantee for industrial, agricultural and national defense construction and normal production and safety of people's lives, and has an irreplaceable important position and role in the national economy and energy conservation.

China Industrial Information Network released "2011-2015 China Motor Protector Market Special Research and Investment Direction Research Report" pointed out that in 2008 China's motor protector output reached 65 million units, an increase of 15% year-on-year. 2009-2010, Driven by the strong momentum of the motor industry, China's motor protector output has reached record highs, with a year-on-year increase of 19% and 20%, and output reached 77.3 million units and 92.7 million units respectively.

As an important part of the drag system, the electric motor plays an important role in the national economy. Its use has penetrated into almost all walks of life. It is an important guarantee for the normal construction of industry, agriculture and national defense and people's lives, thus ensuring the normal operation of the motor. It is very important to operate, and the incidents that cause the motor to burn down or even cause major safety accidents are not uncommon. According to incomplete statistics, the amount of electricity consumed by the motor burned every year is tens of millions of degrees, and the number of motor burns is 200,000. Above the station, the capacity is about 0.4 billion kilowatts. The electromagnetic wire consumed for maintenance is about 50 million kilograms, and the repair cost is 2 billion yuan. The loss caused by the suspension of production is even an incalculable huge amount. Therefore, the protection of the electric motor is of great significance for saving energy, improving production efficiency and economic efficiency, and ensuring safe production.

China's motor protection devices have experienced several stages such as comprehensive imitation, self-design, upgrading, and intelligent development. It is worth mentioning that due to the development of microprocessor technology in recent years, the hardware platform is provided for the development of intelligent and multi-functional motor protectors, which makes the motor protection enter a stage of rapid development.

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