China's Motor Remanufacturing Benefits Are Highlighted

- Nov 10, 2018-

China's motor remanufacturing benefits are highlighted

As a big motor producing country, remanufacturing is an important part of industrial strength, and energy saving and emission reduction of motor remanufacturing is of great significance. Experts have analyzed that the motor remanufacturing market in China has great potential and obvious energy saving effect, which will become an important area of remanufacturing in China.

Great market potential

China's motor remanufacturing market has great potential. According to the data, China's motor holdings are about 1.7 billion kilowatts, and annual electricity consumption is about 3 trillion kilowatt hours. Motor power consumption accounts for 64% of China's electricity consumption and 75% of industrial electricity.

From the perspective of the power consumption of the motor, the largest mechanical equipment used in China is the pump, compressor and fan. The motor consumption of these three types of equipment accounts for 74.2% of the total motor consumption.

From the number of motors in use, the largest mechanical equipment used in China is pumps, conveyors, fans, compressors and mixers, which account for 76.3% of the total number of motors used. Among them, the motors used in various types of pumps account for 50.2% of the total number of motors used.

The motor consumes a lot of power. According to statistics, in 2014, the total electricity consumption of China's motor system reached 355.56 billion kWh, accounting for 64% of the total electricity consumption of the society. Among them, the total electricity consumption of industrial system motors is 287.27 billion kWh, accounting for 71.9% of the total electricity consumption of industrial systems.

The motor system operates inefficiently. The operating efficiency of China's motor system is generally low and energy consumption is high, which is 20%~30% lower than the international advanced level. The efficiency of the unit itself is 3-5 percentage points lower than that of the developed countries.

Waste is serious. Many users in China consider and choose a large safety factor in the selection of equipment, generally taking a margin of 10% to 15%. Therefore, the phenomenon of “large horse-drawn car” is serious, and long-term low-load operation has caused great waste. The industry generally believes that inefficient motors have a 50% energy saving potential, and industrial energy conservation must start with improving the efficiency of the motor.

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