China's New Energy Motor Permanent Magnet Motor Is So Hot, What About The Global Market?

- Dec 10, 2018-

China's new energy motor permanent magnet motor is so hot, what about the global market?

The permanent magnet motor uses the permanent magnet to generate the magnetic field of the motor. It does not need the excitation coil and the excitation current. The high efficiency and simple structure are good energy-saving motors. With the advent of high-performance permanent magnet materials and the rapid development of control technology, permanent magnet motors The application has become more widespread.

In recent years, the application of permanent magnet variable frequency motor in the air compressor industry is in full swing, and the market share has increased greatly. The permanent magnet variable frequency air compressor has become synonymous with the energy saving pioneer in the air compressor industry. Some air compressor manufacturers even use “no money to buy”. The air compressor" is used as an advertising slogan to attract users' attention.

Of course, the relative control of permanent magnet motor energy is certainly higher than the traditional asynchronous motor. The main point of energy saving is that 80% of the air compressor is in the variable load state, and the frequency control is used to automatically meet the user's demand according to the amount of gas used, reducing the loss of useless work.

However, users need to pay attention to the fact that 20% of the occasions are full-voltage full load. In this case, the inverter-controlled asynchronous motor consumes more energy than the direct start, because the inverter itself is the IGBT to control the frequency of the switch. It has a rated power of 2 to 3% and needs to be lost.

Therefore, the use of variable frequency control in this case will not be obvious even if the energy saving effect of the permanent magnet motor is adopted. At present, the energy efficiency rating of the air compressor in the national standard is still performed at the specific power at full load. Only the high-precision screw head with high-efficiency motor and air compressor can achieve the first-class energy efficiency. Specific power.

Global market: developed countries master the high-end technology of permanent magnet motor, Japan leads the development of high-end precision permanent magnet motor technology. Japan, Germany, the United States, the United Kingdom, Switzerland, Sweden and other countries famous brand companies rely on their decades of permanent magnet motor manufacturing experience and The key process technology still affects the development of permanent magnet motors in the world, and controls most of the high-end, precision, and new permanent magnet motor technologies and products. In particular, Japan has a large advantage in small and medium-sized motors with its precision machining technology, representing the world's advanced level, leading the technological development of high-end precision permanent magnet motors.

Japan's permanent magnet motor manufacturers occupy an important position in the international permanent magnet motor market because they possess high-end technology. They are at the highest end of the market and have the industry's top technology and products. Japan's leading position in electronic control and production processes is one of the leading countries in micro-motor equipment, both in production and in technology.

Japan has carried out a lot of research and development work on the high-efficiency and quieting of permanent magnet motors and the high-performance of permanent magnet motors for industrial servos. Therefore, it has great advantages in technology, and the micro-motor equipment produced has high control precision. Low-power, long-life and low-cost small-size competitive advantages, and in the ranks of technology is also at the forefront of the world, occupying most of the world's high-end permanent magnet motor market.

In addition to Japan, the US permanent magnet motor is also in the world's leading level. The development of the permanent magnet motor industry in the United States mainly focuses on military micro-motors. The research and product level of US military micro-motors is in the world's leading position. Most of the micro-motors used in military equipment and electronic devices in Western countries are mostly from the United States. Main manufacturers supply, micro-motor US military standards have become an international standard. The main brands in the US permanent magnet motor market are parker motors, American bodine motors, American Pacific motors, and US LEESON motors.

With the rapid development of new energy vehicles, smart homes and other fields, the demand for permanent magnet motors has increased, and the sales of permanent magnet motors worldwide have continued to grow.

Application market: Demand in the downstream market continues to grow, and the application prospect of permanent magnet motor is large. On January 18, 2018, technicians in the power supply management center and the third oil production plant of the TK887 and TK88 wells in the Northwest Oilfield conducted a permanent magnet synchronous motor instead of the asynchronous motor. test. Tests show that the power factor of the permanent magnet motor is more than 2 times higher than that of the asynchronous motor, and the operating current is reduced by nearly 50%. After calculation, only one well of TK887 can save about 10,000 degrees of electricity in one year and save nearly 10,000 yuan in electricity costs. At present, there are about 1,300 pumping wells in the Northwest Oilfield, all of which update the motor, and the annual reduction can reach more than 5 million yuan.

The application of permanent magnet motors in oil exploration is a microcosm of the continuous expansion of its application market. The application of permanent magnet motors in the automotive field is advancing at an unprecedented speed.

In the field of new energy vehicles, permanent magnet synchronous motors are widely used. From the perspective of mature motor technology in the market, permanent magnet synchronous motors are widely used, such as Kia K5 Hybrid, Roewe E50, Tengshi, Beiqi EU260 and so on. Both Tesla ModelX and ModelS use asynchronous motors. From the table below, we can get a general idea of the three typical motor characteristics.

From the current technical advantages, permanent magnet synchronous motors have become the mainstream. It is worth noting that although the asynchronous motor is not dominant in terms of weight and volume, it has a wide range of speeds, low cost, simple process, and reliable and durable operation. As for the impact of weight on cruising range, if the battery life mileage increases significantly in the future and the asynchronous motor volume is optimized, it will inevitably have a strong impact on the permanent magnet synchronous motor.

Since the permanent magnet motor is a product that has arisen in recent years due to the energy-saving industry, its control technology and motor design are relatively low in level, and the materials used are uneven, resulting in great difference in energy efficiency, and users think that all permanent magnet motors are ultra-efficient. According to the supervision and inspection by the motorized department, 50% of the permanent magnet motors have not yet reached the level 3 energy efficiency specified in the asynchronous motor (GB18613-2012 standard), so it is a mess. Based on this phenomenon, the state has issued the "Permanent Energy Synchronous Motor Energy Efficiency Limit Value and Energy Efficiency Rating" GB30253-2013 standard.

Despite the various obstacles in development, permanent magnet motors are still developing at a high speed under the new policies of energy conservation, emission reduction and environmental protection. Under the background of continuous expansion of the downstream application market and continuous improvement of technological innovation, it is expected that the market size of the permanent magnet motor industry will exceed 135 billion yuan in 2023.

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