China's Rail Transit Electromechanical Equipment Market Leads Foreign Companies

- Oct 29, 2018-

China's rail transit electromechanical equipment market leads foreign companies

Foreign-funded enterprises occupy a large market share in China's rail transit electromechanical equipment industry. Most of the electromechanical core technologies involved in safety are in their hands. The ratio of imported equipment to domestic equipment is 1:2. It is understood that some domestic electromechanical equipment suppliers are nominally domestically produced, but in fact they still use foreign core components. This situation has a serious impact on the progress of China's domestically produced machinery.

Foreign companies have a higher market share

At present, the main players in the domestic signal system industry are Tonghao Group, Zhonghe Electromechanical, Casco, and Self-Terreez. Their foreign partners are Siemens, Germany, Ansaldo and Bombardier, and Alstom, France. , as well as Thales, Canada. In terms of market share, Casco accounts for about 40%, and Hezhong Electromechanics accounts for about 25%.

In the first half of this year, the company won the bid for the signal system project of Hangzhou Metro Line 2, with a winning bid of 249 million yuan. The core technology of this signal system is still used by foreign companies. Li Jun said that the formal application of a full set of localized equipment, in a year or so.

In fact, not only the signal system, but also a considerable part of the orbital mechanical and electrical equipment relies on foreign technology and services. For example, the integrated TETRA digital trunking wireless communication system (intercom system) of 13 subways in Shanghai is provided by Motorola. An industry insider told reporters that after installing the equipment, foreign experts are required to do on-site debugging, and the commissioning cost is high.

Guodian southern end pilots new routes for domestic equipment

According to statistics, Guodian NARI has a 40% share in the track monitoring system in China, and has received orders of 2.8 billion to 4.2 billion yuan, which brings about 20% annual revenue increase for the company. As a domestic equipment supplier, such achievements It can be said to be proud.

Why is Guodian NARI capable of nearly half of the integrated surveillance system market, mainly for the following reasons: First, entering the market early, compared with some state-owned enterprises, early market operation; Second, as a comprehensive production monitoring system for the national production platform Business, early technology accumulation is relatively deep. It is understood that in the past five years, the research and development expenses of Guodian NARI accounted for an average of 8.52% of operating income, and the accumulated R&D expenditure was 870 million. On the one hand, I buy core technology and do research and development on my own.

In fact, in some areas of electromechanical equipment, the localization rate has reached a high level. For example, in the field of rail-to-rail power supply, Dinghan Technology currently has a gross profit margin of 51.84% in the intelligent system of orbital signal. Its investment in research and development has increased year after year. In 2011, the company's R&D investment accounted for 9.55% of operating income.

Rail-to-rail electromechanical involves the safety and stability of China's transportation system. If the high-end core technology is not mastered and the foreign-funded enterprise controls the system, it is difficult to imagine what will happen in the future at the national security level. China's electromechanical equipment enterprises should strengthen the improvement of independent innovation technology, and it is the safest to have real strength in their own hands.

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